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Hello guys today you will know How to improve muscle strength for your general knowledge only and does not constitute medical advice. I am a medical physician at the Reno orthopedic clinic and the owner and developer of Dr. Ni's OC2. OC2 is a combination of vitamin D3 calcium cit rate magnesium and creating mono hydrate for total frame support.

 Hi my name is Dr. Naomi Albert son and today I want to talk to you a little bit about muscle loss. Most of us don't think much about age-related muscle loss. We don't think about muscle loss. As we age we recognize that things might get a little bit harder, maybe it's a little harder to go up and down a flight of stairs or even participate in your favorite activities. But we don't really think about "why?" Well the culprit is age-related muscle loss. Not only does our muscle mass decrease with age, but the quality of our muscle also decreases. We undergo a process called myosteatosis, which is that our muscle is becoming infiltrated with connective tissue as well as fat tissue. Additionally we lose our type two myofibrils and the nerves that go to our muscles decrease as well leading to poor motor control increased risks of falls and decreased muscle mass. If that doesn't sound like enough to worry about, the contraction time of muscles also decreases, as does muscle relaxation time. And muscle recovery becomes slower and often incomplete as we age. Also muscle loss is not uniform. We tend to lose more muscle strength from our legs than our upper extremities. In addition, hormonal changes and pro-inflammatory cytokines and igf-1 are responsible for further muscle loss. So this is all a lot to think about and what I'm trying to stress here is that we should all be concerned about muscle loss as we age, and we should be doing everything we can to prevent that muscle loss. 

So I know this all sounds pretty scary but there are things that we can do to prevent muscle loss. Among other things, it's really important that you get enough protein in your diet with every meal to support normal muscle turnover and repair. Getting plenty of exercise is important. We want to keep those muscles exercising as much as we can to maximize normal strength and minimize the effects of aging. Additionally, concentrating on your leg strength is critical because of what I told you earlier, that we actually lose more muscle strength from our legs than our upper extremities. And if you're older than 65, the research has clearly shown that the stronger your legs are the less likely it is that you will have a fall and resulting fracture. This is a problem that we see as an epidemic in medicine and it is critical that we try to minimize falls in our older patient population. 

Finally let me say a few words about Creation. Creation is a substance that's found naturally in your muscles. It produces energy when your muscles require it for contraction. Athletes have safely used Creation for decades because they know that that energy stored in their muscles released when they need it most is going to increase their strength and performance. There is plenty of research to show that creative use in addition to a regular exercise program does increase muscle mass and strength and decrease muscle associated loss with aging. These changes can occur even in people older than age 70. Additionally, creating has been shown not only to increase strength but also to help with recovery. So if you're older than 35, which is when muscle losses begin, creating is definitely something you should consider as part of your regimen to maximize strength and minimize age-related muscle loss. 

Have any supplements for gain more muscle strength

Yes, have many supplements in market for muscle strength but now  I will be sharing Top-3 supplements which will help you to gain more muscle strength and size and we're starting right now! Whenever we follow any strength and muscle building program we try to get more stronger and lift more weights, every other week. But most of the time our strength and muscle building process becomes slow and steady after a particular level. In this situation a good supplement support plays a major role in building muscles and strength. So let's find out the Top 3 and the best ones for that.

1. Whey Protein: 

Enough protein consumption is very important to build muscles and strength, specially if you are a vegetarian. Strength and Muscle building programs are filled with high intensity and heavy lifting by which our muscles get more micro tears and damage during the workouts. To recover and repair these micro tears and damage our body require essential amino acids. With Whey protein we get high quality essential amino acids which helps in faster recovery and muscle building. Also whey protein has higher Biological value than any other veg or non-veg source of protein. Biological value represents the absorption speed of any protein source. Hence, Whey Protein has very fast absorption,which makes it the best post workout drink. Please note that it is not necessary to take a whey protein supplement if you can complete your daily protein requirements through food. Real quick, let me note down in the comments below which whey protein do you use currently? 

2. Beta Alanine: 

Beta Alanine is a non essential amino acid. During heavy lifting and High Intensity workouts our muscles produce a lot of lactic acid. By which we feel muscle fatigue and unable to do the next rep which is also known as lactate threshold. Beta Alanine helps to maintain pH levels by flushing out the lactic acid. Which help you to maintain same level of intensity for longer duration's. Further research shows that Beta alanine improves HIIT performance and lean body mass. For best results you can add 2-4 g beta alanine on your training days anytime close to your workout. 

3. Creatine Mono hydrate:

Finally we reach to number 3 and you'll also get a bonus tip after this one. On Number 3 we have Creatine Mono hydrate. Over 300 researches proved that consuming 5 g creatine per day for around 2-3 months increases lean body mass, muscular strength and even endurance. Creatine stores into our muscles and provide extra A.T.P. means energy during our workouts. Which really helps you to lift more and improve your overall workout performance. However, its important to increase your water intake by 1-2 l/day while consuming creatine. 

And here is the important tip I was talking about. If you are following a strength and muscle building program then don't waste your money in buying BCAA's and Weight Gainer's. Most of the mass gainer's are filled with sugar's and dead calories which will only gain fat in your body & BCAA's only helps you to preserve your muscle mass in caloric deficit state.

 NB: Please note consult your Nutritionist or physician before Including any supplement into your diet.

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