what would a dermatologist prescribe for acne or Pimple ?

acne and Pimple

Today's we will discuss about curing pimples and Acne, Today we can also see, what would a dermatologist prescribe for acne or Pimple ? and how I get rid off my pimples. In global population, 90% of people suffer from acne from their teenage to any age of their life. There is difference between Acne and pimples, Pimple is a symptom of Acne. In another words Acne is group of Pimples. 

This is just for your information. There are lot of grades in Acne, So, if we talk about that, it will be become a science class now. So friends, I will directly let you know, how I cured my pimple problem. It is all very simple things. In order to get rid of my pimples, I followed simple skin care routine by using two simple products and made some changes in my routine. That gave me result in approximately 22 days (Pimple Cure). 

If you are interested in the skin care, hair care and health, please do follow my page from left sidebar. If you see your friend after long time, who had pimples before, now she has a clear bright face, you will be amazed and ask for tips, right? Since there are lot of reasons behind Acne, we will be interested to know the skin care solution for acne. 

First point in skin care is face wash,  the product which is recommended by my Dermatologist. If you have a oily skin with Acne prone skin, you can definitely for this. This is very gentle face wash. I use this in the morning to cleanse my face and after that, if you want to use any moisturizer or sunscreen you can go with Gel based products. These gel based products absorbs well in the skin.  And I used Re'quil sunscreen as it suited the best for my skin. 

This Benzyl Peroxide based face wash helps to cleanse your pores deeply and it clears out the debris and bacteria which cause pimple. Also it removes the excess oil produced on the skin, even after using the face wash, you may find the skin leaves bit shiny texture,  that is because, it will not strip off the natural oils produced by the sebaceous gland. For my night skin care routine, 

I use Cetaphil Foaming cleanser, and Cetaphil's other gentle creamy  cleanser will also works good. If you want something foamy, you can with Cetaphil Foaming cleanser. Both these cleansers will not brighten your skin, but it is the best gentle cleanser for Acne prone skin. When I had pimples, I included salicylic acid serum(2%) to my night skin care routine. I used salicylic acid serum as a spot treatment, it also cleanse your pores deeply by removing dirt's, debris and bacteria. And it will also remove the excess oil the excess oil on your skin. When I started using salicylic acid serum, I started noticing my pimples where dried out after two weeks of the Serum usage.  By end of third week, my pimple were washed out, when i cleansed it with the face wash. But the spots left by the pimple were also gone by another two to three weeks, when I continued applying the salicylic acid serum. 

Skin care routine to get rid of pimple:

These are the only things I followed in my skin care routine to get rid of pimple. To sum up, 

  1. I used benzyl peroxide based face wash in the morning  
  2. Sunscreen and 
  3. My nighttime skincare routine, I used it as a face wash and a salicylic acid serum.

 And then  another important information about salicylic acid serum is, as it deeply cleanses and exfoliates the skin you may require a sunscreen to use the serum in the morning, to protect your skin from sun exposure. It is claimed to be used in the morning and night,  but I would prefer to use it in the night, as the skin will not suffer from UV damage at night and there is no need applying sun screen too. We saw, what we should "do" to remove pimple.

 Now let's look into "don'ts".   

1. You can use make up products, but if you have pimple, please make sure those products are non-comedogenic. That is the make up products you use should not block the pores. 

2. Forgetting face wash is the second don'ts. Never forget to wash your face even you have a extremely busy life.  Because, we should always  give importance and care about our skin and health. Doing a face wash in the morning and night before bed is enough. And also you should not wash your face more than twice a day. If you do it, the natural oil required on the skin will wash out and skin will become dry So, twice a day face wash is compulsory, but not more than twice. 

3. Dont' scrub your face too much. If you scrub too much, it helps the bacteria move through your skin to create new pimple and it enjoys to do so and also you should do not the facial massage. 

4. Do not touch your face with dirty hands

5. Don't squeeze or pick your pimple. If you pick your pimple, Chances of infection and bacteria on the skin is very high, definitely dont' do it, even if your close friend recommends it. 

6. Avoid stress Stress will not create a new pimple, but if you already have an acne, and if you stress yourself, it may worsen your acne Everyone have some personal reason behind their stress, but please be always make yourself happy from the heart, so that, you will see everyone happy and also you will enjoy your every moment in life. 

7. Avoid Myths:

First Myth is People with heat body get pimple. This is not true. Important thing is drink more water and  keep yourself always  hydrated. It is more than enough. Do not worry about heat of your body. 

Second Myth is eating oily and fried foods will create pimple. Not True. 

Third Myth Acne will be only on face. Not true. It can be anywhere on your body, For example, people use back bags tend have acne on bag stressed areas of your body. 

Fourth Myth using Lemon, Garlic Toothpaste will remove pimple. Definitely not true OMG, please  don't ever use Lemon, Garlic, Toothpaste on your face.  One of  my senior used these Lemon, Garlic  on the skin to remove pimple, but it has gotten worsen. Lemon juice and garlic you can definitely intake, but not to apply on your skin to remove pimple. Tooth paste has baking soda, but with that, lot of other serious chemicals which might damage your skin.

If you like my tips and feel useful to you, please do like my post and share your feedback on the comments section. "Everyday will be a beautiful day for you". Love you all friends. 

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