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  fit and healthy body

Hello Everyone. Today we are going to discuss about How to have a fit and healthy body and a lot of tips and tricks and hacks for life. So you can have a healthy . So one of the easiest ways to change your health system and be healthy and healthy is definitely to just improve your diet, and I don't mean that tomorrow You will only eat broccoli and fruit and vegetables. only the easiest thing you can do is just open your fridge and think about the future. there you go to the store what you can change something for me to change like chocolate milk with coconut milk, and change French frames with candy fried potatoes. And move on to another use. These are real pictures of my life in the gym.

 So completely honest, and I hate going to the gym. I said. I don't like it It's boring, and it makes me feel uncomfortable, when someone else is there. And I feel like I don't know how to use the equipment And I think that's because I don't like going into the gym. I used to be afraid of exercising even though as a working part it was not the part I hated. It was part of the exercise. so personally i like to exercise in my living room with my fancy clothes So, if you guys are not working and just like to get started then Start completely by doing things you love like dancing or running or just like playing soccer with your friends. To go further I recommend that you just hold a piece of paper or a planner or a diary. 

Just to write down what you want to do so that you can keep track of what I did to make sure you finish what I was doing, do this let me know. If you ever do it But I always said I can't exercise because I don't feel encouraged to do it. I was encouraged and I would never be encouraged, so I never worked. Anyone else? Having a schedule but does it make me feel more inspired to get out of bed and like to stop eating French fridges for breakfast? But I find that I have an editor there and all my work is written down. It makes me feel so inspired Okay, so a lazy person is easy The life of a broken Life every time. you people come out of the toilet doing a 25-star jump to get more exercise looks weird, but fun So comment below on your favorite unhealthy food. 

I feel like my favorite would have to be chocolate or ice cream and I feel unhealthy But I feel like this DIY recipe Kinda could replace both of us like maybe. But basically all you do is take a yogurt from a zip lock bag and pepper it on a piece of baking paper Freeze. The yogurt overnight and then BAM loved the frozen little yogurt chips like chocolate chips But like chocolate and you guys are so good, I could literally eat it all day. They are very good Let's be realistic sometimes the hardest part of working is like not knowing what to do, where to start, what part of your body you can exercise. But I found this really simple DIY on Pinterest and basically just take paddle-pop sticks and throw them in three different colors of paint.

So that each color of paint represents a different part of your body that will be working. when you're done your paint you just want to take a Sharpie or a texture or a pen and start writing a different performance you like to do. I'll put a lot of exercise on the screen you guys, but my blue color sticks were absent and some of my exercises were wooden and leg lift and leg height. I'm currently judging my ex as a 7th grader because I know in high school I like to skip breakfast. One week straight because I felt like that was cool the only thing I could do and I remember I was very hungry and now I like to get up early as honest. Breakfast may be one of the reasons to get out of bed in the morning but breakfast is important very and especially. 

If you are trying to Exercise during the day you want to increase energy as soon as you wake up And I'm not lying. I find that eating toast is really boring But it's quick and easy but if you want a quick and easy breakfast option. This fruit is actually four ingredients and tastes very good with the bomb honestly. I think you can make it faster than you can make a piece of toast. So you probably know but I make a playlist as always and I truly believe that making a playlist. Especially in performance is important. The songs I listen to when I work out compared to the songs I listen to on a typical day are very different. You don’t want to listen to love slow music when you’re trying to like running on a treadmill, because you ‘maybe I’ll just turn Like Potatoes and just stop. 

So when you make your playlist Really think about the fast pace in this. So you can love to beat your heart and you can get into your exercise And I know you guys have heard like a million times. How important it is to drink water and I'm sure I learned somewhere recently that the human body is built like water 60% crazy. It is important to stay hydrated especially, if you are sweating in the gym And I know a crowd of people who do not like the taste of water. So you do not like the taste of water then you can also try to add your water with berries or lemons like it to make sure you still drink as much water as possible and do not forget more expensive exercise to get out and work. you can just go out and get into your neighborhood and run or just get a jump rope and jump and have a lot of fun.

Again i recently learned that going out can help relieve stress so if you are a stress person outside So this article I hope you guys liked it  if you did and don't forget to comment below let me know. if the Boys have a new year decision, and i'll see you guys in my next post , goodbye!

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