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Onion juice

Hello friends! Do you know Onion juice is good for hair fall Solution?  Yes its true. Today we will discuss about hair loss remedy with Onion juice. It might sound unexpected, however onion juice is taken into consideration a reasonably-priced home cure for hair loss. In today, am gonna monitor you the real data on onion juice as a remedy for hair loss. The most critical question whether it works for male sample baldness, thats androgenetic alopecia which is the maximum not unusual cause of baldness and hair loss over ninety percentage of the instances. Lets speedy analyze some special forms of alopecia. Alopecia is a scientific time period for hair loss. Do now not bypass this subject matter, as this is vital to understand the role of onion juice for hair fall remedy. 

1. Androgenic alopecia or hair loss due to genetics, or family records. That is the maximum commonplace kind of hair loss pattern in guys and also referred to as male sample baldness in men and again the maximum commonplace cause of hair loss in ladies and is called female sample baldness. We will discuss these types and degrees of male sample baldness in element in next time. 

2. Alopecia areata this is a patchy hair loss and is an autoimmune disorder which reasons the bodys own immune system to assault the wholesome hair follicles. The exact purpose of this stays unknown, but it's miles concept to be prompted by means of strain and traumatic events. 

3. Alopecia total is and alopecia universalist are rare kinds: overall is way the patchy kind of hair loss will make the scalp completely bald. Wherein because the universalist way loss of all hair from the entire body inclusive of eyebrows, eyelashes and all body hair. 

4. Traction alopecia: this kind of hair loss happens due to traction or excessive anxiety by means of pulling of the hair like while vigorously combing hair, making use of a few hair styling strategies and even tight braiding and tight ponytails. This type of hair loss is typically reversible whilst you prevent these terrible conduct that motive hair loss. Properly, now coming directly to the point! Now you understand the styles of hair loss, we are able to now understand the actual statistics and myths on onion juice for baldness remedy.

 First of all a few statistics on onions:

  • Onions or even garlic include sulfur, which is ideal for hair due to the fact the hair protein keratin need sulfur for its production. It's also stated that the sulfur from onions might also assist promote collagen manufacturing. Collagen in flip allows the production of healthful pores and skin cells and hair growth. Right here is the capture! You need nutritional sulfur consumption that is then carried through blood flow into the hair bulb which then enables in selling hair boom. So topical utility of onion juice has genuinely no clinical foundation. 

  • Different theories say that it has anti microbial and anti oxidant properties that help in hair boom. 

  • Some additionally say it will increase blood stream and promotes hair boom, however nothing is scientifically proved.

  • And furthermore, simplest one studies look at was carried out in 2002 on this onion juice and remedy of alopecia areata, mind you itwas used simplest for patchy hair loss and no longer for the commonest androgenetic alopecia. In alopecia areata. It became shown to present a few a hit outcomes. 

Despite the fact that the look at stated it showed effective consequences, it was tested in a small range of handiest 38 contributors. I have linked two research articles on this subject matter and both say the exact mechanism of motion of onion juice for hair loss treatment isn't regarded. So that asserts all of it! And no different medical look at has shown the effectiveness of onion juice for male sample baldness or hair loss. If you have patchy hair loss or maybe traction alopecia, it'd work, whether due to a placebo impact or by way of other manner, no longer sure!

Which onion will help to grow long and thick hair?

Onion juice is good for hair and it helps with hair growth. So I thought, let's give it a shot. First blend one onion in the blender and squeeze the pulp in a cotton clothe or even kitchen tissue. Don't use the pulp on the hair because it will stay on the hair like flakes even after washing. It'll look like you have dandruff and it is harder to come off than Fenugreek seed cream on hair. So just use the onion juice for preparing this hair mask. I used just the onion juice for one week. Since onion juice is watery, on the second week I decided to add aloe Vera and a tablespoon of lemon juice one day each week. Onion juice enables to cool your scalp and with aloe vera slimy substance, it helps to keep your hair clean and vibrant.

I have already covered the benefit of aloe Vera and lemon's benefit for hair in previous videos. So just click on the ribbon above if you would like to review the benefits. Let's look at the benefit of onion juice for hair. MSM is a highly absorb able source of sulfur found in onions especially on its outer layers. It enables the formation of keratin for hair growth and great for autoimmune conditions of hair loss. Onion has antiseptic and antibacterial properties to fight infections of the scalp. They are also good nourishment for hair follicle and restore lost nutrients on scalp.Onion has antioxidants which help reverse the effects of premature graying. It is a natural hair nourisher and conditioner. 

Remember to apply the oil of your choice before using any hair mask. Keep the hair mask on for 20 minutes and wash it with mild shampoo. The sulfur of the onion supports to grow strong and thick hair and also preventing hair loss. I measured my Munchkins hair after using this mask for two weeks. Munchkin one's hair growth is now up to 38 centimetre and munchkin two's is now up to two and half centimetres long. Now the question is which onion is the best? Researchers say red onions are best for hair growth compared to white onions. Red onions have more juice and rich in sulfur which minimize breakage and thinning of the hair. If you would like to follow which hair mask works best and helps with hair growth the most, subscribe to get an alert, so you won't miss it. See you next time! 

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