what causes sudden acne breakouts in adults?


Home Tips for Acne Control

No person desires acne, it is definitely a nuisance. Unluckily, it does   occur. and today we will discuss about what causes sudden acne breakouts in adults? Acne can affect females and males of any age. Although acne is usually due to hormone changes and puberty, blood impurities can also be to blame. 

However, there are several tips and methods you can use to help get rid of acne, and keep skin clean and clear.

Number 1: Hydration.

Keep hydrated by drinking the recommended amount of water every day. This helps keep your skin healthy and prevent acne, as well as heal it.

Number 2: Vitamin B.

Take a vitamin B tablet that contains all the B vitamins every day to help improve your acne dramatically. It may take a couple weeks, but as long as you continue to take the vitamins, the acne should improve.

Number 3: Pumpkin and Oils.

Thoroughly mash a completely ripe pumpkin and practice on your face. Let sit 15 to 20 minutes, or until you feel your skin drying and stretching. Wash your face thoroughly, and pat dry. Use coconut or mustard oil to apply to the face daily to help get rid of acne and give your skin a smooth and healthy look.

Number 4: Garlic Rub.

Simply take raw garlic, and rub gently to the affected area. This method is great for those with chronic acne, because it not only gets rid of the acne and inflammation, but also may help the scars left when acne vanishes.

Number 5: Honey and Cinnamon Mask.

Mix together honey and cinnamon powder for a great smelling mask that can be put on before bed and washed off the next morning. Use warm water when washing off, and gently dry. Repeat this method for a couple weeks until the pimples are gone.

Number 6: Orange Peel.

Peel an orange. Take a few large pieces of the peel and rub on the affected area of acne. Make sure the area is covered in juice. Repeat several times throughout the day to reduce the amount of acne.

How to Give Yourself a Healing Natural Acne Facial Treatment? 

An easy acne facial treatment that you can give yourself at home may have some ingredients that will surprise you. Sunflower Oil and Castor Oil. They are incredibly cleansing and healing for the skin. Castor Oil has been used for centuries for its potent cleansing and healing properties. Here is a simple technique to deep clean your pores and give you healthier skin. Try this acne facial treatment at home.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You'll Need - Sunflower Oil, Castor Oil, Sprig of Rosemary, Sprig of Lavender, Boiling Hot Water, Large Heat Proof Bowl, Fluffy Bath Towel, Fluffy Hand Towel


Boil Water and have it ready with all the other items. Work at a table or someplace comfortable and place towels on the table to catch drips.

Number 2. MIX THE OILS: 

Mix the oils that you will be using for your acne facial treatment. The ratio is 2-1. 2 tsp Sunflower Oil with 1 tsp Castor Oil. Mix them together in a small bowl or a teacup.

Oil is natural to our skin. Most skin care products strip it away, leaving our skin dry and flaky. This traps bacteria and dirt in your pores creating acne. Castor Oil is the workhorse of this acne facial treatment. It is has been used for centuries for it's powerful healing and anti-inflamitory properties. The sunflower oil facilitates the castor oil do it is job, in addition to doing it's own, by way of hydrating and smoothing your pores and skin.


Place a sprig of rosemary and a sprig of lavender in the heat proof bowl(or any other herb/flower combination that you enjoy). This is for a relaxing aromatherapy and the herbs have healing properties of their own. If you are allergic, leave them out and use plain water. Pour the boiling hot water over the herbs, into the bowl and set it in front of you. Cover to keep hot while you start your acne facial treatment.


Spread the mixed oils all over your face with your fingers and gently massage it into your skin. Massage gently, always moving up and away...the opposite direction of gravity. Do this part of the acne facial treatment for about 5 minutes.

Number 5. STEAM YOU FACE: 

Drape the towel over your head and the bowl, making a steam tent. Remove the cover from the bowl and let your face steam for a few minutes. (Be careful not to burn yourself). When the water has cooled enough that you can touch it, but it is still quite hot, lift the towel, removing the steam tent, and begin the next step of your acne facial treatment.


Take the hand towel and dip it into the hot water, soaking it thru after which wringing it out into the bowl. Hold the hot towel against your face until it becomes cool again, then gently wipe the face. DO NOT RUB OR SCRUB THE SKIN! Dip in the water again and repeat a few more times. This repeated heating and cooling of the skin draws impurities out of the pores and cleanses the skin. It is the most important part of the acne facial treatment.


When done, you can splash cool water on your face to close your pores, or you can put on a soothing, cool yogurt and honey mask to tighten and soften your skin. See my other articles for instructions on how to do the mask.


This facial treatment is so effective at cleaning out the pores, that many people find that their own skin begins its natural oil production, in earnest. It may seem excessive at first, but the body is normalizing after a period when it was not able to function properly. It should decrease on it's own in a short time. Do this deep cleaning, acne facial treatment once a week for a month to aid in the healing. Then, do it about once a month to keep your skin in healthy and clear.

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